Selected Job References

Surge Analysis

  1. Surge analysis for harbor area treatment scheme stage 2A
  2. Prediction of sewage level in discharge channel under steady state condition
  3. Closing time of non-return valve during shut down for harbor area treatment scheme stage 2A

Computer Modeling

  1. Analysis of vibration effect of construction on medical equipment.
  2. Computer modeling of steel frame design for mechanical element.

 Vibration & Noise Control Design and Measurement

  1. Design of isolator for water pump with excessive vibration.
  2. Design of isolator and support frame for centrifugal fans.
  3. Noise control treatment design for the new water treatment plants in Tai Po.
  4. Test and certification regarding sound power of breakers.
  5. Noise control treatment design for air conditioning plant.
  6. Design and installation of vibration isolation devices for control of noise from pumphouse in Tuen Mun.
  7. Noise control design for cooling towers of restaurants.
  8. Monitoring and control the noise within legal limit for outdoor entertainment activities.
  9. Noise control treatment design for chiller plants in Kowloon City Plaza, Paper Mill Factory, and Chemical Treatment Factory in N.T.
  10. Noise control treatment design for new wastewater treatment plants in Stone Cutter Island and Tseung Kwan O.
  11. Design of aluminum panels for sound insulation for government buildings in the Hong Kong International Airport.
  12. Testing and evaluation of sound insulation of uPVC windows.

Acoustic Material Design and Measurement

  1. Design, supervision and test of floating floor, wall ceiling for air-borne and structure-borne noise control of studio.
  2. Design of noise control treatment.
  3. Testing of various innovation acoustic materials.
  4. Design and testing of curtain walls for sound insulation of hotel in the Hong Kong International Airport.
  5. Evaluation of design and performance of noise enclosure for pneumatic breakers and excavator mounted breaker for road maintenance work.
  6. Design of noise barriers along Po Lam Road and Castle Peak Road.
  7. Design of acoustic room for toy test.
  8. Design of window screen for residential buildings.
  9. Design of roof panel & wall panel for acoustic performance.

Noise Prediction

  1. Prediction of entertainment noise.
  2. Prediction of ground-borne noise due to tunnel boring machine for construction of rail.
  3. Prediction of structure-borne noise due to tunnel boring machine.

Train Noise

  1. Design and testing for structure borne noise and vibration of a pre-cast viaduct section proposed for Rail project.
  2. Train noise assessment for Eastern District Board.
  3. Assessment of noise impact and community response of train noise in Chai Wan and Heng Fa Chuen.
  4. Analysis of noise from trains to provide data for barrier and enclosure design. Analysis of enclosure design by scale modeling.  Evaluation of material and deign parameters for enclosure panels by acoustic test.
  5. Analysis of noise and vibration control measures for tram noise.

Traffic Noise

  1. Traffic noise assessment in Rockhill St. for Central & Western District Board.
  2. Acoustic scale modeling and design charts for train noise barrier for Environmental Protection Dept.
  3. Traffic noise monitoring and assessment of effectiveness of road resurfacing schemes in H.K.
  4. Evaluation of effectiveness of new window screen for shielding traffic noise using scale model for Public Housing.

Expert Witness

  1. Expert witness report and attendance in appeal board meeting on the noise from bar in Wan Chai.
  2. Expert witness report and attendance in appeal board meeting on the noise from bar in Wan Chai & Sheung Wan.
  3. Expert witness report on packing machine accident in Tai Po.
  4. Expert witness report on the noise and vibration from construction site for a 5-star hotel in Tsim Sha Thui.
  5. Expert witness report for local noise control office of Environmental Protection Department.
  6. Expert witness report and attendance in court on the noise complaint case from loudspeaker in Tin Ying Road for the Hong Kong Police.
  7. Expert witness report on noise enclosure for Territorial Development Dept.
  8. Expert witness report on structure-borne noise.
  9. Expert witness report and attendance in court on pump noise compliant in Causeway Bay.