Short Course/Seminar

1. One-day Seminar on Vibration Assessment in Building (9 Dec 2013)


Building vibration induced by construction and operation of train is an international critical issue. This course aims to introduce the basic vibration concept and share the case studies on vibration assessment.


After attending the seminar, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the mechanism and the factors affecting vibration transmission from the operation train or construction site to the building receiver.

2. Analyze field test data of building vibration due to piling and rail.

3. Distinguish the international and local building vibration criteria.

4. Recognize the mitigation measures for groundborne noise and vibration transmission.

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IMG_7133 IMG_7151
Photos – Vibration Assessment in Building (9 Dec 2013)


2. Briefing on Steel Code 2011 by Prof. S.L. Chan & Dr. C.F. Ng (19 Sep 2014)

IMG_0161U IMG_0153U

Photos – Briefing on Steel Code 2011 (19 Sep 2014)

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Training Course  

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