Wind Tunnel Test


Two world-class wind tunnels are located in Kwu Tung, Hong Kong. The rotating table can accommodate a maximum of 5m urban model as well as topographic model with maximum wind speed of 15 m/s.



Topographical model for site wind availability test


Precision, accurate, and regular calibrated instruments includes hot-wire anemometer, omni-directional sensors, cobra probe, electronic pressure scanners, force gauge, together with automatic sampling software, which can measure wind speed, wind direction, wind pressure, turbulence intensities…etc.



Wind load measurement with atmospheric boundary layer simulation



LASER-Aided Flow Visualization

Apart from flow measurement, LASER-Aided Flow Visualisation provide another insight of fluid flow. The fog is generated by fog machine and injected into wind tunnel for tracing the flow. A laser plane is used for illuminating the fog.


Smoke exhausted from chimney


Flow around chimney


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