1. MPhil, The control of Cavity and Panel Vibration Resonance in a Room with Ventilation Duct.
  2. MPhil, The control of bending resonance of vibration isolation system.
  3. PhD, The model of local mode analysis for structural acoustics of box structures.
  4. PhD, Effect of anti-symmetric mode on dynamic snap-through of curved beam.
  5. PhD, Tuned dynamic absorber using non-linear stiffness.
  6. PhD, Control of absorptive and  reflective mechanism to optimize noise barrier design.
  7. PhD, Noise cancellation using piezoelectric actuators as control sources
  8. PhD, Vibroacoustic performance of layered composite structure in small close-fitting enclosures.
  9. MPhil, Acoustic wave propagation through resonating devices: design of acoustic waveguide filters.
  10. MPhil,  Structural-acoustic analysis of close-fitting enclosures.