Vibration/Noise Measurement

1. Real-time online vibration/noise monitoring

To ensure that the impact from construction activity (or other activity) is kept within guidelines

  • Real-time vibration measurement for one device with 4 channels with simultaneous frequency analysis.
  • Real time data collection and presentation on web – indicate the alert, alarm and action levels and the real time data accessible by related personnel.
  • Live notices function

2. Unmanned vibration and noise monitoring service

When long term vibration and noise data are required, unmanned vibration and noise monitoring service is recommended. The measurement is continuous (24-hour) which can avoid missing the important data.


External sources: Construction work; Mass Transit Railway; Traffic etc.
Internal sources: Machine, human walking etc.


Hospitals, research facilities, data centers, studio, residential areas, museums, other concern areas.

Accuracy analysis:

To have an accuracy analysis on the noise and vibration data, other than the noise and vibration data, visual and sound will also be recorded simultaneously. Once there is any abnormal result, the visual and sound records can be investigated to indentify the cause of the abnormal result.

Our professional team has the knowledge and expertise on advance frequency and cross-correlation analysis can help to analyze the results accurately.


Example: Vibration monitoring for piling work


Hydraulic hammer (Single acting) driving steel pile





Wave recording on piling impact in x, y and z directions



Results of velocity at 20 Hz due to piling impact against time


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